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Naye Lupondwana

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Naye the broadcaster:

Naye Lupondwana is an award winning media practitioner currently consulting for the SABC’s news and information radio station, SA fm as a presenter/Talk show host. Naye also anchored a current affairs news show for the SABC’s international news radio station, Channel African. He has been scooping exclusive interviews with national influences such as deposed President of Madagascar, Mark Ravalomanana. Naye’s world reach includes global authorities like Dr. Francis Deng, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide, a position he holds at the level of Under-Secretary General. Naye Lupondwana interviews party politicians, intellectuals, heads of state, literary giants, captains of industry, opinion makers, etc. Naye made his debut with television when he hosted a TBN news program called TBN News before he made his exodus to national broadcasting.

Naye the writer:

Naye is a columnist on social, political, religious and philosophical issues among others. His passion for writing and print media at “The Eastern Cape Voice”, the community news paper in the Eastern Cape he wrote for, was punctuated by a calling to serve society at a national platform when he was invited to SA fm. Some of his columns are still sought after pieces of journalism. Some of his writings have found their way to blogs and websites and he is still solicited for more writing. (http://nayelupondwanaonline.blogspot.com/2008/02/politics-and-religion_12.html) This is one of Naye’s sought after blogs which explains why he is also a sought after speaker. Naye’s consumption of history which to him is a collective memory of the worlds past experiences coupled with the detail he sources from academic journals, affords him the depth of knowledge and insight that is evident in the opinion pieces he crafts.

Naye the speaker:

Naye is an international speaker at many conferences such as the IEARN 2007 conference in Egypt, Cairo where he delivered a paper title, “Young, Relevant, Aware and a Citizen of the World”. He also delivered a speech at the Youth for Human Rights International tour in Johannesburg Hosted by the head of Youth for Human Rights International, Mrs. Shuttleworth. He speaks to youth forums and student formations at Universities like at the University of Fort Hare and at The Tshwane University of Technology. He is often called to host & facilitate debates and conferences such as was invited to host the Steve Biko Foundation 30/30 Conference to make an example. His speaking and ceremonial appointments bridges borders when asked to facilitate investment breakfast forums between South African business people and African ambassadors. His aversion to historic revisionism and his despise of the lack of intellectual integrity, echo in his articulations.

Naye the passionate:

Naye supports Student and professional’s organizations such as SDASA, as it bridges the intellectual and experiential chasm between trade students and practicing tradesmen and women. He has been actively involved in the development of youth intellectualism through his work on radio, speaking appointments and writing. His passion focuses on Global discourse be it geopolitical economics or ethno religious governance. Naye has a passion for news actuality, an aptitude for healthy debate and a prowess for language as a communication tool. Quoting Lupondwana, “… ‘Black’ has since seized to denote that which is undesirable and fallible in social and intellectual discourse but through the ages “Black” has come to be the symbol and the epitome of human endeavor, a beacon of hope for the misunderstood and the timeless edification for the mis-educated. Having dedicated himself to and thriving in the media space for over ten years and still in his youth, this as it were is only his beginning.



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