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“Overnight” airs on SAfm from 12:00 midnight till 04:00 in the morning

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Naye Lupondwana

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Naye Lupondwana Overnight delivers analytic journalism with a keen interest in the facts as opposed to the fallacy of truth. Naye Lupondwana interviews experts in their various fields so as to explain matters. The prodding nature of the interviews seeks to explain issues and not to expose issues. For two hours, Naye Lupondwana Overnight leads the information analysis debate without fear or favor.

Condensing the shows becomes necessary so as to fit in as much diversity of information as efficacy allows. The program in its structure seeks to offer the listener the opportunity to hear conversations he/she may have missed during its live broadcast and also to seduce the one who does not know about the shows to listen to the original shows.

The show will offer you a variety of information ranging from current affairs to topical issues with analysis spawned from different production styles. Basically, “Overnight” is a snap shot of the entire station on a daily basis. You will hear epigrammatic remarks from Naye Lupondwana the show host, the prerecorded show snippet and a piece of music to wash it down.

 The program will keep you company overnight for at least four hours. The show by itself is an invitation to those who would like to know what the nation is talking about without having to listen to radio the whole day. “Overnight” is, the days “National Debate” in summery. Join me “Overnight” and let’s have a conversation.


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