There is a Genocide in the DRC- Activist

Date: Jun 26, 2017

Congolese Social Commentator Dr Juliene Kaku Katombe there is a Genocide in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Scores of Democratic Republic of Congo nationals protested were protesting at the entrance of the Sefako Makgatho presidential guesthouse in Pretoria ahead of President Joseph Kabila’s arrival at the venue on Sunday.

The Congolese claim that Joseph Kabila is not a legitimate president. Speaking to Bongi Gwala on #AMLive Social Commentator and Activist  Dr Juliene Kaku Katombe Joseph Kabila’s 2nd term ended on 19 December 2016. Dr Katombe is also accusing Kabila of a genocide

"He [Kabila] knew since 2011 that there were going to be elections in 2016, he never prepare for them. He tried to change the constitution” - Dr Juliene Kaku Katombe


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