Zuma insists White Monopoly Capital exists

Date: Jul 18, 2017

President Jacob Zuma insists White Monopoly Capital exists in South Africa

President Jacob Zuma insists that white monopoly capital in South Africa exist- despite the ANC's decision to reject defining it a white monopoly capital but instead a monopoly capital without colour or racialising the issue. The controversial concept of "white monopoly capital" was rejected by the majority of ANC delegates at its national policy conference early this month. 

Delivering a Nelson Mandela Memorial lecture at Zolani sports centre in Nyanga East in the Cape Flats, organised by the ANC Youth League Dullah Omar Region last night-Zuma says those who say there is no white monopoly capital are not living in South Africa. 

❝Those who say that one does not exist-they live in another country not in South Africa. in other countries they had experienced colonialism. We experienced something more than just colonialism. Colonialism of some special type❞

He further illustrated that South Africa had experience colonialism of a special type with unique features than other former colonised countries. Abongwe Kobokana filed this report


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