Controversial Malawi Israel labour deal

Date: Dec 1, 2023

Controversial Malawi Israel labour questioned

Malawi has quietly launched a program to export labour to Israel, sending 221 young people to work on farms there. The move has been met with criticism from opposition politicians and human rights groups, who question the secrecy surrounding the deal and the safety of the workers in light of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Labor Ministry’s Principal Secretary, Labour Wezi Kayira, defended the program, saying that it will provide employment opportunities for Malawian youth and generate foreign exchange for the country. He also stressed that the workers will not be recruited to fight in Israel’s war against Hamas, but will work in certified and approved locations.

The Israeli agriculture ministry has said that between 30,000 and 40,000 foreign workers have left the country’s farms since the October 7 attacks. The Israeli government is now looking to recruit 5,000 workers from other countries, including Malawi. To further interrogate this, On #SAfmMeetingPoint Koketso Sachane is in conversation with Journalist Jack McBreams 




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