Manana sentenced to one year in jail or R 100 000 fine

Date: Nov 14, 2017

Mduduzi Manana pleaded guilty in September after a video went viral showing him and others assaulting three women in a Johannesburg nightclub

Former Higher Education deputy minister Mduduzi Manana has asked for a lenient sentence. He says he's willing to pay the medical expenses of the victims he assaulted at a Fourways night club in Johannesburg in August. Manana is due to be sentenced after pleading guilty to assaulting three women. He has since resigned from his ministerial position. 

Manana who has two previous convictions for theft says he has received a salary cut following his resignation and has been volunteering for an organisation that teachers young boys about gender violence. Stephen Kirker spoke to SABC senior reporter, Angela Bolowane.

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