Eskom has implemented stage 3 loadshedding

Date: Feb 11, 2021

Stage 6 a certainty before end of Feb and stage 8 a probability - Energy analyst Ted Blom

Power Utility Eskom has implemented stage 3 loadshedding which started at 1pm today. This is set to continue until 6am tomorrow morning. Eskom says this is due to the loss of generation units and to replenish emergency generation reserves. Has loadshedding become like a game where we go through different Stages? Surely our energy crisis is no longer a laughing matter; as we can't take this Lightly any more. Nobody knows what's happening at Eskom, because we're all in the dark. But to shed light on the matter, On #SAfmBTH with Aldrin Sampear spoke to Sikonathi Mantshantsha, Eskom spokesperson & Ted Blom, Energy expert

Listen here:


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