NUMSA newly registered political body

Date: Nov 7, 2018

Will Numsa’s new political party address the plight of workers?

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa's (NUMSA) newly registered political body, the Socialist Revolutionary Workers' Party, has vowed to fight against capitalism and ensure equality and freedom for the working class majority in South Africa. Last week the trade union was granted permission to register the political party, which it says is aligned to socialism. 
Terry Bell said " We have a plathera of political, parties right now, I don't think that necessarily what people want or need. It will be welcomed by alot of people who may see it as an alternative, but in reality it is not. We should stop looking to leaders, we should look at the electorate, and that means changing the entire electoral system." On #SAfmTalkinngPoint with Bongi Gwala spoke to Terry Bell, Who is a Labour Analyst and inside Labour Columnist for Fin24

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