US government sue Apple for monopolistic practices

Date: Mar 25, 2024

Lawsuit against tech giants Apple

The US government has begun a landmark lawsuit against Apple, accusing the tech giant of monopolising the smartphone market and crushing competition. The Justice Department alleges the company abuses its control of the iPhone app store to "lock in" customers and developers. It accuses the firm of taking illegal steps to thwart apps seen as a threat and make rival products less appealing. The lawsuit also alleges that Apple has used "a series of shapeshifting rules" and restricted access to its hardware and software, to boost its profits while raising costs for customers and stifling innovation. Apple has said it will "vigorously" defend the lawsuit and denies the claims. It marks one of the biggest challenges for Apple, which has been fending off mounting complaints about its practices in recent years. To understand the background of this lawsuit, on #SAfmBTH Aldrin Sampear is in conversation with Arthur Goldstuck, who is the managing director  of World Wide Worx 

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