Artist Ayanda Mabulu defends his work

Date: Apr 21, 2017

Artist Ayanda Mabulu defended his latest work which depicts president Zuma performing a sexual act on Madiba

Artist Ayanda Mabulu has defended his painting which depicts President Jacob Zuma performing a sexual act on Madiba saying he's merely expressing his views on the current situation in the country. 

The painting is interpreted as raping the former president Nelson Mandela's legacy.

Speaking to Sakina Kamwnedo Mabulu said ❝there are people understand that Nelson Mandela was that glimpse of hope. If you're talking about 1994, and South Africa right now, the only thing that comes to people's minds is Mandela, so I decided to use him as a person who represents the hope of the marginalised who are being disappointed by the president [Zuma] of the country right now❞


The Nelson Mandela foundation has said in a statement that they find the painting ❝distasteful❞.

Social media users are divided over the painting


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