Why women share sexual assault on social media

Date: Jan 14, 2021

Why women share their stories about sexual assault on social media

With the advent of social media more and more victims of sexual assault and abuse are using the platform to share their stories, at time even outing their attackers by name. Many victims have been empowered by the hashtag MeToo movement, to speak out publicly. Although sharing personal stories about sexual assault is not new, forums like Facebook and Twitter have made the practice easier and more wide-reaching. So why do some victims or survivours of sexual assault avoid reporting assaults to police? Is it mistrust of the Judicial system? Or they find some form of healing by sharing their traumatic ordeal on social media? On #SAfmBTH with Aldrin Sampear spoke to Lisa Vetten, Research consultant at the Faculty of Humanities, at the University of Johannesburg, where she works on the Gendered Violence.

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