Mangaung residents terrorised by gangs

Date: May 19, 2017

SAfm listner Thulani Mbaza says Mangaung residents terrorised by teenage gangs

Residents of Mangaung in the Free State say they are living in fear as teenage gangsters run amok in the city. 

One of the residents, an SAfm listener Thulani Mbaza, says his friend was attacked outside his home in Phase six by about 100 young boys NOT older than 16, when he returned from work. 

Mbaza says there is a long-standing rivalry between two gangs, the Romas and Born To Kill. Mangaung has seen frequent incidents of gang violence in recent years and the violence escalated when some gang members were released from prison this past weekend. He says ❝You could think it's the Cape Flats, the way these boys are shooting❞

Mbaza accuses the police of failing to the deal with the violence. 

Responding to the allegations that the police have failed to deal with the problem, Police spokesperson in the Free State Colonel Thandi Mbambo said they did NOT have a provincial Commissioner for a long time. However, a special task team has been formed to deal with the gang violence in Mgangaung. Colonel Mbambo says, over a 100 suspected gang members have been arrest in the past week in separate cases. 

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