Sixty arrested for human trafficking

Date: Oct 28, 2019

Police arrest 60 in connection with human trafficking

Police in Mpumalanga are investigating a case of suspected human trafficking after they found 104 held captive during raids at the weekend. They had received a tip-off from a woman who informed them that she too had been kept against her will at a house in the area and had been drugged and raped. It is unclear how she escaped. Police have arrested 60 people on charges of human trafficking, drug possession and prostitution. Experts say human trafficking is a R2 trillion industry where people are forced into prostitution or some other labour. On #SAfmSunrise with Stephen Grootes spoke to Founding Director of the Cornerstone Anti-Human Trafficking Institute and Chairperson of the Embrace Dignity Board advocate Phumla Dwane-Alpman.

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