Minister Pravin Gorhan on Transformation and SAA

Date: Nov 6, 2018

What is the governing party’s position of the role business should play in SA?

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gorhan shares the ANC’s position on transformation , their role in supporting businesses in SA and South African Airways.  

Responding to comments by Dr Anthea Jeffrey Head of policy at the Institute of Race relations who earlier on the show said For as long as we have the BEE policies as they are they will continue to be a deterrent to investment in SA, Minister Pravin Gordhan said the reality is that the black majority in SA has been excluded from economic participation in the economy of SA and the situation has to be rectified. He added that those who ignore that transformative agenda are ignoring history. Speaking on the role of SOE’s on development, Minister Pravin Gordhan stressed that well run SOE's have a vital role to play, but that role has been undermined for the last 8 years. According to him, many American investors understand the South Africa situation, some need to be assisted to understand it better, but he believes we can find a solution if we work in a constructive way. On #SAfmTalkingPoint with Bongi Gwala talking to Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Listen here:


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