Is there judicial overreach in SA?

Date: May 15, 2017

On the Forum@8 this morning, we discuss the courts role in the democratic South Africa. Asking is there a judiciary overreach in South Africa?

In the latest developments, President Jacob Zuma is now appealing the decision by the North Gauteng High Court Judge Bashir Vally that he must hand over his reasons and record of decision to explain his cabinet reshuffle. 

This follows an application by the Democratic Alliance to the High Court in Pretoria to force President Zuma to produce the intelligence report he used for his decision to reshuffle the Cabinet. 

Meanwhile Lobby group My Vote Counts and the Helen Suzman Foundation have also turned to the Constitutional court to challenge the changes and to get the court to remove President Jacob Zuma from office. 

Some law experts say the judge's ruling was right and that it shows that the state is not above the law. However the ANC has raised its concerns on the matter saying the judiciary is playing into the political space and that this is a judicial overreach. 

Last month, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) went to court in a bid to have a vote on a motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma

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