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Ray Phiri on 90 percent music on the SABC

Date: Jun 10, 2016

Legendary South African musician Ray Phiri says the decision by the SABC to play 80% local music is a good, but people don’t want to hear the same song.

South African music legend Ray Phiri says SABC's 90% local music across all its 18 radio is a good start.

Speaking to AM Live on SAfm anchor Sakina Kamwendo during the ForumAt8, Phiri says groups like Stimela, Harare, Bayethe, Sakhile and many others, were beneficiaries of the cultural boycott in South Africa under the apartheid government which forced them to produce music that was marketable internationally.  

On the 90% decision, Phiri asks; "do we have song writers, do we have producers, do we have marketers of this content, do we have the facilities and infrastructure to develop", adding that we need to be honest with ourselves.

Phiri adds that we don't need to hear the same song over and over again.


Phiri also spoke about growing in Nelspruit, his life and music.

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