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Has there been justice for Marikana?

Date: Aug 16, 2016

As we commemorate four years since the Marikana killings, has on the Forum@8 on Safm we ask, has there been justice for the victims.

In August 2012, 44 people died in events leading up to and during a strike by mineworkers at Lonmin mine in Marikana, North West. 

Today marks exactly four years since 34 mineworkers were killed by the police in Marikana during a strike where workers were demanding a basic monthly salary of R 12 500 Rand. Ten other people including security guards and police officers were killed before August the 16th 2012

Speaking to Sakina Kamwendo during a panel discussion on the Forum@8, Marikana community activist Chris Molebatsi who says "there has not been justice of victims of the Marikana massacre".

AMCU president Joseph Mathunwa who was part of the discussion said his trade union took miners from earning R4 600  minimum to R7 900. Mathujwa adds that government has never compensated the victims of the mine workers killed in Marikana. 

Benchmak Foundation’s David van Wyk who has been doing research since the events of the Marikana shootings says South Africa  has the lowest cost mines in the world due to cheap labour.



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