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NSFAS still dealing with issues

Date: Apr 12, 2017

NSFAS still dealing with students funding issues, four months after the academic year started. Is there hope?

There are still students who are still in the dark about their academic futures as they have yet to receive their national student financial aid scheme grants. 

At the University of Mpumalanga in Mbombela, last week students barricaded gates denying staff members and contractors access to the institution. The students are concerned about the lack of payment by NSFAS for the pervious academic year. 

In Limpopo, classes have resumed at the University of Venda following a two-week protest action by students- demand payment of books and living allowances by NSFAS. 

Speaking to Sakina Kamwendo during the Forum@8, NFSAS Head of Marketing and Communications Kagiso Mamabolo said they receive over 300 thousand applications for the 2017 academic year and unfortunately NOT all students will be financed.  

NFSAS Head of Business Enablement Victor Rambau who was also part of the panel discussion  has called on private sectors to assist with funding.

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