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Justice Dikgang Moseneke #ForumAt8

Date: May 24, 2016

Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke hangs judicial robe after 15 years at the Constitutional Court.

Retired deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke's work in the Constitutional Court has been hailed and compared with many of his predecessors on the bench, who've given stature and credence to the judiciary.

Justice Moseneke was sentenced to 10 years on Robben Island which he says he served to last meal. He was the youngest political prisoner on the island at 15. 

The Deputy Chief Justice delivered his last judgement on Friday last week, after serving the Constitutional Court for almost fifteen years. Speaking to Krivani Pillay on the #ForumAt8 Justice Moseneke says a term for constitutional Court Judges is 15 years, and at the end of it, he had to go.

Justice Dikgang Moseneke says he wants to be remembered for his hard work and dedication on one’s course.



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