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Are there alternatives to GMOs

Date: Jun 11, 2015

The Truth About GMOs: Are They Safe? What Do We Know? Are there alternatives

The genetic modification of food has come under attack, as activists claim that the increasing consumption of this genetically modified products could be life threatening.

South Africans joined activists in over 400 cities in 52 countries recently, marching against Monsanto, calling for a permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals.

They did not only raise awarness about the dangers lurking in our food, but also the negative impact chemical farming has on natural farming methods used by traditional communities.

Listen to the discussion on GMOs with our guests; Monsanto Africa Africa Lead for Technology Development Andrew Bennet, Zakiyya Ismail from the African Centre for Biodiversity which does in-depth research on GMO technology and Mr  Ramalie Ramokhoase, a member of  portfolio committee on agriculture, forestry and fisheries.


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