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Will SASSA be able to pay social grants

Date: Feb 7, 2017

#SASSA official Kgomoco Diseko says we have done our part and are crossing fingers that the Constitutional Court rules in their favour to extent an irregular and illegal contract.

The South African Social Security Agency, Sassa, has approached the Constitutional Court to suspend the declaration of current contract with Cash Paymaster Services for payment of social grants invalid for another year. This will allow the agency to continue paying grants after March. This, after Sassa could not find an alternative payment system in the time stipulated. 

Speaking to Sakina Kamwendo on #AMLive  the agency's spokesperson Kgomoco Diseko says they are crossing finders that the Constitutional Court rules in their favour or the over 17 million South Africans who depend of social grants will NOT receive their pay on the 1st of April.  

SASSA has a contract with Cash Paymaster Services, which is currently responsible for disbursing social grants. Their five-year contract expires in March 2017. They say only after 2017, will they be able to pay social grants in-house. 

Sakina Kamwendo speaks to the spokesperson of the Social Security Agency of SA, SASSA Kgomoco Diseko and Civil society convenor at the National Anti-Corruption Forum Nkosikhulule Nyembezi


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